Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to Change you're IP add

There is no longer a question mark on whether we can change IP or not. We can. Anyone who is Internet savvy knows that one of the main courses in protecting yourself from internet fraud and cyber crimes is by hiding or changing your IP address. For us to change IP addresses is actually expected by the Internet community. Thus the real question here, nowadays, is if you have made the move to change IP or not.

People new to having Internet services have concerns about the moral aspect of hiding or changing IP. This is absolutely normal. Hiding or changing your IP is just like hiding or protecting your personal belongings from other people. It’s like hiding your savings in a safe, or keeping your credit card information to yourself. If the idea of a publicly accessible IP address does not sit well with you, then it is perfectly natural for you to hide or change your IP address.

We all know how society can abuse the power of the Internet. Crimes like identity theft or hacked accounts are still running around. We become easy targets for hackers and cyber thieves once our IP is out and our Internet behavior is established. Other bad scenarios would be finding that you could no longer boot your computer, or finding that a hacker sends his regards with a lot of computer viruses. With the possibility that these unfortunate things could happen to us, we naturally equip ourselves with Internet security, one of which is to change our IP.

Another problem with not hiding or changing your IP concerns the cookies that are placed in the web pages that you visit. A strong advantage of cookies is that they cut the loading time of the pages you frequently visit and remember your username and password so you don’t have to type them again every time you log into the website. However, these cookies are also the tools that pass your information and Internet activities across the Web. Your information, like your email address and location, ends up getting tracked and vulnerable to hackers.

We see now just how important hiding and changing our IP is crucial, especially with the amount of cyber crimes going around these days. Our IP address serves as our identification code online, and it should be protected just like every other personal information we possess.

In changing your IP address, try turning off your modem for five minutes. If it does not work initially, repeat the process for 8 hours instead of 5 minutes. In most cases this will change your IP. When this does not work then it is time to try other methods. If the alternative methods still do not work, then it is best to ask your Internet service provider for assistance.

There are many ways to change our IP. The correct method to use would all depend on your specific situation. If your computer is directly connected to a modem, for example, more or less there are two ways to change your IP. If you are connected to a network with a router, another method can be used to change IP. You can also look for IP Changer programs online. Whichever method and however you want to do it, there are a lot of alternatives on how to change IP.

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