Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sri lanka Railway - Very rare photos

Ceylon (Presently Sri lanka) was under British rule before its Independence in 1948.

Highway and Railway near Bandarawela, Ceylon.

A mountain station Ohiya, Ceylon in 1894.
Riding on the railroad
Tunnels on the Railway near Ohiya, Ceylon
Sensation Rock, Kadugannawa Railroad Incline 1910 - Kadugannawa, Ceylon
Railway line at Colpetty, Colombo, Ceylon
Colombo to Kandy Railway, Ceylon
sensation rock, Kadugannawa
View on the Railway Colombo to Kandy, Ceylon
Undergoing constructions of a Tunnel, Colombo - Kandy Railway Line, c.. 1860
Undergoing constructions of Colombo - Kandy Railway Line 1860

Railway bridge in 1880-1890
Kadugannawa Railway Station Colombo - Kandy, Ceylon
Construction on Government Railway Line, Ceylon
Undergoing constructions of Colombo - Kandy Railway Line 1860
Colombo Central Railway Station, Ceylon 1860 to 1880
Colombo to Badulla on the main line at Kadugannawa incline
Railway Bridge Over Bentota River (Gin Ganga), Galle in 1894
Lion's Mouth Colombo Kandy Line
Pothuhera Railway Station, Kurunegala, Ceylon 1890's
Ceylon Railway Engine 66 at Kurunegala in 1909
Railway tracks to Kandy 1890s

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