Thursday, February 11, 2010

101 reasons wat makes u a gr8 frnd:

1. i can't spell friendship without u

2. ur da most beautiful flower in da garden of my life

3. you can easily tell a lie for my convenience

4. you understand when i'm too buzy

5. you know me better than my siblings

6. u don't necessarly support my decisions

7. u go an extra mile when i need help

8. u tolerate my bad moods and still speak 2 me wen ur in 1

9. at others expense, u make a gr8 laughing partner

10. u walk in wen oders walk out

11. i can speak my heart out to u

12. u openly discuss a disaterous date/crush

13. u fall 4 da same junk as i do

14. u help me to chose the right think 4 my heartthrob

15. i can throw my tantrums on

16. i can rely on u 2 post my letters

17. i know i needn't luk my best wen ur around

18. i can discuss my crepy fantasies with u

19. u motivate me 2 execis

20. u've got sense of humour

21. u hand me ur handkerchief wen i've conveniently 4gotten min

22. u bluntly tell me wen i need 2 spray a deo or mouth freshner

23. i can freely discuss my ex's nd my latest crush

24. i can tok 2 u 4 hours abt anything nd nothin

25. i can tuck in 4 a blockbuster night

26. u know my secret wishes and keep them a secret

27. u know how to give me lil surprises 2 make my day

28. u keep me well informed abt latest gossips

29. u let me know,wen i need to mend my way

30. ur a reminder of wats important in lif

31. i can freely discuss censored topics wit

32. u always welcome me with a warm hug

33. even if we're not in touch 4 ages, i know ur dere for me

34. u flatter me wen i need 2

35. u never burn a hole in my pocket

36. shopping is fun. u always manage a good bargain

37. u understand my moods very well

38. you answer my phone,wen i'm avoiding a call

39. u never let ego cum btwn us

40. ur dere for me , wen i'm feelin down

41. going out with u doesn't need a reason or occasion

42. time simply flies by wenever we're together

43. i can b very comfy wid u

44. u help me solve my problems

45. u keep a check on me wen i'm at my spendin spree

46. u can sit uietly wid me

47. u care 4 my happiness

48. u equally participate wid me on playin a prank

49. u don't take me 4 granted

50. u get worried wen i'm not well

51. u read me lik a buk

52. ur always soooo right

53. wenever i'm wrong u never make it worse by sayin "i told u so"

54. i can b funny nd get away without makin a fool of my self

55. u've got a gr8 sporting spirit

56. u make me laugh

57. u celebrate my triumphs

58. u help me overcum my shortcummins

59. ur selfless nd giving

60. without feelin hesitant i can borrow ur books, dress, etc..etc..etc.....

61. u bring sunshine into my life

62. u never gossip abt me

63. u know how to pamper me

64. u know were to find the best pair of jeans on the cheap

65. u never dump me for sum1 else

66. u know how 2 make me stop wen,i'm tokin sheer nonsense

67. u consider my feelins too

68. i can call u any itme of da day without feelin hesitant

69. u point out wen i'm lukin lika an idiot

70. u know exactly wat to get for my birthday

71. coackroaches don't scare the hell out of u

72. u don't loose ur cool as often as i do

73. u so much believe in sharing, from secrets to candies

74. u know the best eating joint

75. u neva shout along with mewen i'm shouting at my throats best

76. u immediately apologise after harshly giving me a piece of ur mind

77. u are never afraid to accept ur faults

78. u respect my privacy

79. u never demand a clsrification

80. u always save the last bite of delecious 4 me

81. ur shoulders are everready for me to lean on

82. u alarm me wen i've gained too much weigth

83. u light up my life

84. u patiently listen to all my troubles

85. bcauze u bring infinite joys 2 me

86. ur as sweet as can b

87. u accept me the way i am

88. each time i think of u, i smile

89. u know how to emotionally black mail me

90. i can trust on ur advice

91. ur a true reflection of me

92. i can ask u uestions lik "am i lukin good" no of times nd i knoiw u won't get irratated


94. u've seen me at my worst and still stood by me

95. u have more faith in me dan i do in myself

96. u will never change nomatter wat happens tomorrow

97. u make me wish, we were in the same family

98. u know wento make things light

99. u never laugh at my faults

100. u bring out the best in me

101. and the greatest reason is that, you are simply "YOU"

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