Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Go It Alone

I trusted you
Believed in what you said
And you played me.
I was willing to love you,
Be there for you,
Trust you;
And you hurt me.
You've lost out
Cause I'm the good thing
You'll never have another chance with
I'm the good thing
You'll never have.
And now when I see you,
You'll receive no smile.

I must go it alone
All on my own
and believe in myself
Cause I'm all I have.
And who I become
Depends only on me
Cause I'm all I have
To rely on to live

Words are just words
That hold no meaning
to the ones who don't feel
and don't care.

And now I must go it alone
On my own
I don't
need anyone
to make me feel
to determine my self-worth
I don't need
I've got myself.

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